Teens Using JUUL May Be Vaping A Pack’s Worth Of Nicotine A Day


JUULing has become extremely popular among teens and young adults in the US, many of whom aren’t even sure they’re inhaling nicotine. Easily concealable and highly potent, JUUL has become the go-to vape product for high schoolers and young adults in the U.S. It’s popular enough to have its own verb, “JUULing.” (According to the Truth Initiative, 25% of the 15-to-24-year-old users surveyed call their habit JUULing instead of vaping.)

Worryingly, it seems like many young users aren’t even sure what they’re breathing in—the Truth Initiative reveals that 37% of the same surveyed youths don’t know if they’re inhaling nicotine or not. They are indeed inhaling nicotine, with JUUL itself stating that a single “pod” contains the nicotine equivalent of 200 cigarette puffs, working out to roughly a pack a day.

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