Stop Smoking, Start Vaping

When you hear the word “vape” you tend to think about a stereotypical guy talking about his new vape mods, how good he is at vape tricks and overall just being an annoying know-it-all who thinks he’s better than others because he vapes. The internet constantly berates the vaping community, but there are some people in said community who don’t fall into the stereotype. Some who vape do so because vaping can also be used to help smokers to stop smoking.

Vaping can be a useful and safer alternative to cigarettes for those people looking to quit. According to The Guardian, the first study testing the effectiveness of vaping and e-cigarette use surveyed 1,500 smokers in 2012. This study found that 65 percent of smokers who used an e-cigarette daily for a year made an attempt to quit smoking and the 44 percent who didn’t use an e-cig continued to smoke.

Read the full article [Western Herald 1/9/18]