Eleaf Basal MTL Box Mod Starter Kit Review

Eleaf Basal

Let’s discuss the Eleaf Basal MTL Mod Starter Kit, which is a truly classy, high-performing Beginner Mod Kit – for people who want something more impactful than vape pens, and more reliable than disposable cig-a-likes. This simple, easy to use setup is an ideal opener for former smokers, new vapers, and MTL fans who want something distinctive and discreet.

This compact MTL device is designed for people who aren’t necessarily looking to draw attention to their vape devices, but also don’t mind when people ask about it. The striking gold exterior is refreshingly subdued, with a grooved pattern not unlike a higher-end lighter or mobile phone accessory. It’s stylish, but won’t garner stares if people see it in your pocket or purse.

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