perl e-cig

Have you heard of the Perl? It’s a nifty new e-cig that’s barely on the market and is being sold in limited supplies by the manufacturer. The Perl impresses from the moment you see it, with its sweet little design – which the package is designed to mimic (I know, no big deal but a nice little touch), you just want to get this in your hands. And let me tell you, it fits perfect into the hand. It’s a perfect size and barely weighs anything at all, so cupping it in the palm of your hand is a treat.

The icing on the perfect little cake? It’s smart. And by smart I mean that there are no buttons, but it has a touch sensor technology to anticipate your needs. Let’s start at the beginning before I get off on an excited tangent. The Perl comes with everything you need to get started, minus the juice. With the starter kit you get the nifty little Perl itself, and two 2 ml “ceramic pods,” 2 mouth pieces, a charging cable and two little dripper funnel things designed to get the juice into the pod.

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