Vape Review: Herbish Strawberry Banana and Gorilla Glue

Do herbish vape cartridge strains taste, smell and act like their flower counterparts?

Most vape cartridges are labeled as strain-specific, in that the extracts inside are derived from specific strains of cannabis rather than a hodge-podge. Obviously, different cannabis strains offer different effects, as well as different sensory experiences, and vape cartridges aim to replicate those specifics in a healthier and highly potent form.

But when a green flower gets turned into an amber oil and plugged into a glass/metal/plastic tube with triple the THC percentage, how much of the original aroma, flavor and effect carries over? A lot of vapes taste the same on our palate, as opposed to the rich spectrum of cannabis flower flavors, so perhaps the difference rests in the skill and artistry of the extractors.

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